About Talk2One

At Talk2One we believe that the ability to communicate and access to information are basic human rights.
Our program was founded to assist members in connecting with their friends, families, and most specifically the support community, regardless of their social status, literacy/language skills, or ability to pay.

Talk2One is Helping Members Across Canada Stay Connected


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Founded in 2009, Talk2One processes thousands of calls every month connecting at-risk members of the community with social services, equipping them with secure voicemail to help seek employment or access to services, and giving them the ability to keep in touch with their friends and family anywhere in Canada.

With a single phone call our VoIP based system connects at-risk members in Canadian communities with the support systems and networks they need the most. By providing access to free voicemail, long distance calling and important community based information our members are able to better coordinate medical care, employment opportunities, housing, and access to social services. This gives our members a leg up in transitioning their lives and getting them the access they need to become independent and self-reliant.

Originally an agency based service, in 2015 we opened our system to all communities across Canada allowing members to self-register from anywhere with internet access. This allows even the hardest to serve population and communities’ access to Talk2One’s services.

Our Goals

Our purpose is to provide people at risk with basic voice mail, long distance and access to social-based information that will assist in their quest to become self reliant. And further, to reduce staff workloads in trying to stay connected to hard-to-serve clients allowing them to focus on assisting in the providing services that really matter.


The system is completely secure and and is accessible only by the member. Fully PIN protected, the system uses proprietary software and operates over a fully redundant, national server.

Community Hosts

While self registration is available, Talk2One actively seeks community agencies as partners to assist in bringing our services to their clients.

Talk2One is funded in partnership with Tridacom Cares

Talk2One Partner Tridacom Cares

What Our Clients are Saying

Clients have been able to utilize the program to their benefit in regards to seeking housing and employment, keeping in touch with case managers from various social services agencies, doctors, and family members.

Curtis and Domenic

- Community Coaches of HOPE Centre
Without your services many of our graduates would not have the ability to directly communicate with employers. Many of our graduates have secured interviews and employment offers through the use of TALK2ONE.

Les Hambly

- Executive Director of Skills for Success Niagara