Agencies & Government

Talk2One partners with social service agencies and government support service providers to give caseworkers efficient and reliable means to contact clients who do not have a reliable or consistent contact phone.

One Stop Communication Tool

Talk2One gives caseworkers a single phone number to communicate with their clients eliminating the churn that occurs when trying to reach a client without a reliable phone. Each member receives as secure and confidential voicemail where messages can be left, giving them the independence to manage their own communications and reversing the role of responsibility.

Members can use their confidential voicemail services to connect themselves with social services, friends and family, and even potential employers. Their Talk2One account will never be “cut off” due to non-payment, and offers 60-minutes of North American long distance calling, allowing them to keep in touch with their support system no matter where they are located.

Eliminate the Isolation of Poverty

Beyond just voicemail, Talk2One is designed to be a communications platform allowing for agencies to relay urgent and important announcements to their client base. Agencies have used Talk2One to send bulk messages by voice prompt over our network regarding cold weather warnings, the location of nightly meal programs and shelter locations, and even the location of upcoming job fairs.  Members are connected to information about the services that they need most, connecting them to their community.

As a fully interactive platform Talk2One is also enabled with survey capabilities, allowing members to give input on a majority of topics using touch tone responses to multiple choice questions, allowing at risk members of the community to have input into the services that affect them most.

No costs, no software and little training

There is no direct cost to the agencies or members. Participating agencies do not require any software or equipment, training is minimal and support is available online.

Simple registration

Registration only takes a minute by completing the online registration form and members are instantly given their phone number and login details. Once complete, they log into the phone system to setup their voicemail and confidential password.

Community Based Information Source

When members are registered through an agency they are given access to specific information about their community, largely contributed by the agency itself.  Agencies have the control to relay timely information to it’s clients in the event of emergencies using the user friendly Talk2One recording system.

Fully measurable results

All activity in the system is measurable including call volumes, client profiles, member surveys identifying trends and demands from the membership. This kind of proof of performance helps justify the service and allows for changes to be made to meet changing conditions.

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