Custom Applications for Agencies

The Talk2One platform can be customized to suit a variety of unique applications that require connectivity to both individuals and large user groups. A variety of vertical applications can be considered relating to: emergency services, support programs for women and youth at risk, homelessness and recidivism issues, first nations and other cultural applications in multiple languages, sports clubs and recreational connectivity, or industrial training and information services in the workplace.

Emergency Services

In cases where large numbers of people have been abruptly displaced from their homes because of a fire, flood or natural disaster, Talk2One can be quickly deployed to disseminate general or site-specific information and as a means to effectively communicate with large user groups or individuals.

Reaching people that are suddenly without regular telephone services or needing information so they understand the situation as it changes on a daily or even hourly basis, is a difficult process. By giving people a single point of contact to receive information by telephone, a voice mail box where case workers, insurance agents, employers, family and friends may reach them, as well as 60 minutes of long distance time to call anywhere in North America, can, to some degree, ease the impact of being displaced on the family and individuals.

Information: Every day the situation can and will change as some people will be able to return to their homes sooner than others, some could need long term support, some have special needs and, while many will have cell phones, this is very expensive way to access information or communicate with government agencies. Keeping people informed, providing content that is timely, accurate and actionable is very important particularly as misinformation or rumours often occur under these circumstances.

Voice mail: Everyone receives a secure voice mail box that can be reached by any phone 24/7 allowing case workers to leave group messages or communicate with individuals. Changing the message is as easy as making a phone call and only takes a minute.

Long distance: The Talk2One  Emergency service provides unlimited long distance time anywhere in North America and is also useful where long distance charges arbitrarily apply to certain communities. The system is also capable of breaking out to 800 toll free numbers or local live operator support lines.

Agency benefits: Rather than setting up an expensive live operator support line, posting information on a bulletin board or holding group meetings, case workers may now provide daily updates to all the residents or reach individuals with a single phone call. Providing one stop information via a voice mail box reduces the “churn” created when individuals give a cell number, a friends or relative’s phone, a hostel or other points of contact.

Talk2One is in a position to develop and deploy this service on a province-wide basis, including setting up the appropriate line capacity and local numbers, creating content of a static and dynamic nature, supplying membership cards, staff training and support. We are prepared to white label the service under the name of the Red Cross and would be glad to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to set up and maintain such a system in each region. Talk2One is expanding its existing service to at least seven regions across the province in 2012 and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the costs and timing of including the Red Cross Emergency Services Line in this initiative.

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