Member Services

As a Talk2One member you will receive a free and confidential voicemail box that can never be cut off for non-payment, one hour of free North American long distance calling each month, and access to alerts and announcements to assist you in keeping connected with your community.

By having a Talk2One mail box members can receive messages from their case worker, potential employers, family and friends.

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Secure Voice Mail

Members receive a secure voice mail box that can never be cut off due to non-payment.

Free Long Distance

Each month members receive 60 minutes of long distance time to call anywhere in North America.

Information on Demand

Receive community based information including special announcements and local event notifications.

Automatic Call back

Once dialed in to the Talk2One system members can make multiple calls without hanging up. No need to write down the number or pay for another call if they are using a public phone booth.

Live operator break out

Members may speak directly to a 211 specialist, access a toll free numbers or contact someone at a local agency at any time.

Local Alerts

Group announcements can be broadcast to all members including emergency and medical announcements as well as the steps to be taken or options available.

Access to Opportunities

Members can use their voice mail to seek for housing, look for a job or to communicate with community services.

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